Hi, I'm Joni Price,

and I'm a Content Writer.

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I help clients optimize online traffic by creating High Ranking articles with RankIQ


Me ?

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I am a lifelong lover of words and learning. Does that make me a nerd? Maybe. Pair that nerdiness with my slightly OCD tendencies about research, articulation and timeliness... well then, content writing for others is my jam. I have tried my own blogs in the past but since starting to SEO optimize articles for others, I have learned this is where my heart is. Writing for clients allows me to operate outside of my own wheelhouse and to experience a diverse field of subject matter. I especially take pride in providing clients with A+ material that will help them excel while they are free to focus on other parts of their business.

I'm Not Afraid

of a

Fast Turnaround

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I understand that time is money. This is especially true for entrepreneurs. You are used to moving quickly and efficiently and I do the same. I DO believe in doing a thorough job, however I DO NOT believe in wasting your time with excessive turnaround times. If I feel like I will not be able to complete a project in the timeframe you require, I will always be upfront and let you know before I'm hired.

More than key words, a great article needs to capture the reader.

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Let me be your voice!

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